July 23, 2014 Thumbnail image for Chocolate Banana Mug Cake (Paleo)

Chocolate Banana Mug Cake (Paleo)

Girl gets diagnosis. SIBO. Girl freaks out about restrictive diet. Girl gets creative and realizes it’s not so bad. Girl invents mug cake recipe. Bliss. Lovely little fairy tale, no? In all seriousness, though, I have SIBO. What is that you ask? SIBO = Small Intestinal Bacteria Overgrowth. Sounds daunting doesn’t it? In short, it […]

November 23, 2011 Thumbnail image for Roasted Stuffed Peppers with Goat Cheese

Roasted Stuffed Peppers with Goat Cheese

I was at the market last week and found these beautiful peppers. The woman attending the stand said they would be wonderful for stuffing. Thus, I picked some up and figured I would create a delicious recipe to compliment these colorful peppers. These stuffed peppers are little pockets of flavorful, meaty goodness, guaranteed to tantalize […]

April 25, 2011 Thumbnail image for Tropical Paradise Cookies

Tropical Paradise Cookies

I created this recipe and shared it with some friends at my birthday/Easter potluck celebration. They were a hit, especially when nice and warm out of the oven! These cookies are gluten-free, grain-free (no flours), and vegan. Are they taste-free too you ask? No, quite the contrary. You just can’t go wrong with the richness […]