Snap Out of It: 6 Tips That Really Will De-funk Your Mood

by Beaming with Health on July 8, 2014

photo-23You’re in a bad mood. As far as you are concerned, the sun has stopped shinning and a dark cloud has set in over your head. You know, like in the cartoons where it only rains on one character. First one negative thought arrives, then a bunch of its buddies follow. Pretty soon you are in a full-on funk. It becomes very difficult to focus on the good things going on in your life, and the less-than-stellar things are highlighted in your neon color of choice. No one really likes being in a bad mood, but sometimes we can’t help it. Here are some tips that help me when I am feeling down. I find most of them to be quite effective when I actually do them (with some bad moods comes that paralyzed feeling with lack of drive to take action). Give yourself a little push and try some of the items on this list. You will thank yourself!

Stop, Drop, and Breathe

When we get stressed or anxious, we hold our breaths. Sometimes it helps to reset your breathing pattern. Just take a minute away from whatever you are doing. Go into a quiet room maybe with a cup of your favorite tea or a little lavender essential oil. Sit cross-legged or lay comfortably on the floor. Focus only on the breath. Breathe deep from the belly and less from the chest. You can even try a breathing exercise where you breathe in for 6 counts, hold at the top for 4, and then exhale slowly for 6 counts. It slows the breath down and rejuvenates your body.

Get Some Alone Time

Sometimes when our mood goes into the gutter, we simply need some alone time. Some time to process everything going on in our lives. Some time to be still and quiet. Some time to let inspiration or creativity strike. We do our best work when the mind is quiet. This is when we discover what we really need from our lives, careers, and the people around us. In short, we can hear ourselves think. Every human needs a little reboot time, so even if you are a social butterfly just make sure you get a little of this here and there. Listen to yourself and try not to over extend yourself to commitments.

Look At Your Diet

Did you know that the foods you are eating could be affecting your mood? Too much sugar, caffeine, or alcohol could be affecting your blood sugar, which in turn will affect your moods. If you have been noticing more mood swings than usual, maybe take a look at your diet. See where you can cut back on some of these mood influencing foods. Processed foods are another big offender (breads, pastas, cereals, canned and packaged foods). See where you can push some of these foods out by adding in more veggies, fruits, high-quality meats, and healthy fats (coconut oil, avocados, grass-fed butter). As an added bonus fats are very grounding and stabilize blood sugar.

Focus on the Positive

This is a hard one if you are already in a bad mood. I know sometimes when I feel bummed I just want to wallow a bit. If you can shift your mindset and make yourself focus on the positive, it will work wonders. You can take out a sheet of paper and start to make a list of all the ways you feel blessed in your life. You can also call a friend or family member and talk it through with them. You may need to make yourself do this at first, but once you get started you will feel your mood lift. One very important thing to note is that an attitude of gratefulness attracts more grace into your life.

Move it, Move it

Most people know that exercise produces endorphins. Endorphins help you to forget your woes. It is almost guaranteed that getting moving is going to help you feel better. You don’t have to do a long workout. Even a simple walk with help. Not only are you getting the body moving, but a change of scenery works wonders.

Go Upside Down

Maybe you are a super-yogi and love a good handstand or headstand. If so, this is a very effective tool for shifting mood. You increase blood flow to the brain and literally see the world from a different perspective. Not a practicing yogi? No worries! You can do a simple pose called “legs up the wall” or Downward Dog if you know it. This gets the circulation going which can shift your energy out of a funk in no time.

What tips do you use to change your mood?


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