Practical Paleo Book Review and Recipe Demonstration (Video): Creamy Cauliflower Hummus and Vanilla Bean Tahini Truffles

by Beaming with Health on August 11, 2012

I want to share a book with you that I had the pleasure of reviewing recently. It is called Practical Paleo: A customized approach to health and a whole-foods lifestyle. This book, written by Diane Sanfilippo of Balanced Bites, is such an outstanding resource for health and nutrition support.  Diane covers topics such as:

  • What is the Paleo approach to health – including guides to paleo foods, stocking a paleo pantry, and food quality
  • An informative section which debunks several nutrition myths backed by solid research
  • Comprehensive guides to maintaining a healthy digestive system (including an in-depth discussion of Leaky Gut Syndrome, a very common condition these days). Let’s face it, a strong digestive system is the key to total health.
  • Blood sugar regulation guidelines (so needed in a Country where diabetes and obesity numbers are sky high)
  • 30-day meal plans for thyroid health, MS, Fibromyalgia, cancer recovery, fat loss, athletic performance, digestive health, and more.
  • Over 120 easy, healthy, and delicious recipes

After flipping through this beautiful book (including so many pictures of food that makes your mouth water), I decided to prepare 2 of Diane’s taste-tastic recipes – Creamy Cauliflower Hummus and Vanilla Bean Tahini Truffles. I knew you would not want to miss out on this action, so I filmed the preparation process. I hope you enjoy!

Want to skip to the recipes?

  • Creamy Cauliflower Hummus – 0:50
  • Vanilla Bean Tahini Truffles – 3:57

Definitely pick up a copy of Practical Paleo. You won’t regret it! It is such a great reference, and I know it will get a lot of use from this health coach and food enthusiast!

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