Entrepre-do-it Monday: What To Do When You Are Feeling Stuck

by Beaming with Health on August 19, 2013

photo-1The life of a entrepreneur isn’t always easy. Ask any one of us and we will tell you that there are definitely challenging days. You know those days, right? Where you feel stuck, frustrated, maybe even clueless as to what direction to go in next. Perhaps you stare at Facebook for several hours, maybe you don’t get out of your PJs until the afternoon. It is a horrible feeling when you are not sure what to do and you feel like you are walking through molasses. This state can be very anxiety-producing for entrepreneurs. Having been through this myself, I am here to tell you what has worked for me to get me out of a slump.

Write a To-Do List

Sometimes we feel stuck because there are so many ideas swimming around in our heads that we don’t even know what to focus on first. It is overwhelming, and instead of trying to tackle everything we tackle nothing. If you organize your tasks via a to-do list, this can be very helpful. First, write a list of all of your upcoming tasks or even goals. Then parse them out between the days of the week. List manageable tasks for each day. If it is a big goal that you want to reach (like developing a program) then set aside time each day that you will work on it. Allow yourself extra space in each day for random tasks that will pop up, because you know they will. If you are doing at least one productive thing each day, it is much less likely that you will feel stuck.

Change Your Scenery

Having one of those “blah” days? Maybe you are feeling discouraged, or something in your business (or personal life) just didn’t quite go your way. Perhaps you are starting to eat a large amount of dark chocolate to cope or finding that doing your laundry sounds better than facing anything business related. These days happen to the best of us. If you are finding that you are just not in the mindset for business, change your setting. Get outside and have a long walk in a beautiful setting. Go to a yoga class or take off on a run. Whatever you love doing, sometimes this simple act can shift your whole mindset. This can be difficult because I think when we are overwhelmed we feel like we should stay at home and keep working. However, if you are not being productive in your work, it can be more beneficial to take a break, reset, and then come back to it with a fresh mind. Getting the blood pumping can do wonders.

Talk with Another Entrepreneur

Who better to understand what you are going through than another entrepreneur. Sometimes it can really help to brainstorm with someone who has probably gone through the same thing as you. Ask for their opinion on a new idea you are working on, or maybe just ask for some uplifting words from them. Sometimes you just need to hear a simple “everything will be alright”. Sometimes when we get stuck we sort of bury ourselves in a hole. Get yourself on the aforementioned walk, plug in your headphones, and phone a friend. The inspiration of another always motivates.

Just Do It

Sometimes you are not sure which direction to head in, and have no idea what task to work on next. If this is the case, at least find some activities that make you feel like you are moving forward. Maybe you start a little writing for a blog post or perhaps you even clean your office. Getting started on something can shift your energy and help you get back into the creative flow. Plus, you will just feel more accomplished for the day. Just one step towards action often gives you the momentum you need.

Stay Positive

There is this thing that happens when we start to get stuck that negativity sets in. Maybe you start feeling like your business will never take off or you just plain sit there and feel sorry for yourself. The thing about negative thoughts is that they always bring their friends along and pretty soon you are in a wicked funk. When you start to see the negativity arising, start replacing those thoughts with positive ones (even if you don’t believe them at first). This not only improves your mood, but will attract more positive circumstances your way.

How do you dump your slumps? We would love to hear from you!

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Deanna Brolly October 21, 2013 at 4:34 pm

Great blog post! And perfect timing for me as I begin to think about how i can be a smarter business owner.
As an independent contractor, I definitely get into a slump with my business and where I see myself going. When Im in a professional slump, I call upon my like-minded business friends for support and guidance. Or I start researching other small business owners and find out their secrets to success. Or even begin writing in my own blog. Having support from folks who are entreprenuers is the greatest resource, as we all have to start from somewhere. But its the maintenance that can be more challenging. Thanks for the advice jessica!


Beaming with Health October 22, 2013 at 1:30 pm

Thanks for reading Deanna! So great that you have all these tactics in place to help you when you feel stuck. We all have slow times as entrepreneurs, but we power through (which is what makes us so awesome). :)


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