Adorn Yourself with Essential Oils

by Jessica Mishra on October 24, 2011

I love essential oils. I imagine that I am like Queen Cleopatra being waited on hand and foot, adorned with beautiful silk clothing, and delicately dabbed with the finest essential oils as I am fed dates and sweet cherry tea.

Enough of my fantasy land, essential oils are wonderful to have around the house! They have such a variety of uses and provide rich, lovely scents without the toxins of commercially added fragrances.

Aura Cacia is one of the brands of essential oils that I frequently buy. Check out their website to learn a bit more about their product, the extraction methods used to obtain the oil, and tips for use. Whole Foods carries this brand, and you can also order Aura Cacia products through their website. Essential oils are great to use for relaxation, to add scent to natural cleaning products, as perfume, as relief for sickness, and for use during a massage. Here are some of the scents I love along with how I use the oil.

Lavender – Lavender essential oil is great to use as a relaxation aid. I often put a drop or two on a tissue or washcloth and leave it next to me when I am falling asleep. It is very soothing! You can also dab a little bit of lavender on your skin before a speech and gently inhale the scent to ease your nerves. This is a little trick that I love. Finally, lavender is great in bath water.

Clove – I love the smell of cloves. It reminds me of pumpkin pie, Christmas, and spiced cider. I like to mix it with a little vanilla oil and add it to my bath water. It is also nice to mix clove oil with some cinnamon oil and coconut oil for a warm and cozy massage.

Eucalyptus – I swear by this stuff when I have a cold or cough. You can drop a few drops into the bottom of your shower, and then take a very hot shower. The steam will rise and the eucalyptus will help to break up any congestion. Similarly, you can drop a few drops into a bowl of hot water, lean your head close to the steam while putting a towel over your head, and breathe in the steam. This will also help to ease the discomfort of a cough or cold. You can also just rub the oil straight on your chest and under your nose, in the same way you would use Vick’s Vapor rub.

Peppermint – This oil is extremely invigorating! I like to use a little in my shower to wake me up in the morning! It can also be mixed with some coconut oil and used as a cooling rub for sore muscles, similar to icy hot. Peppermint is also nice to add to a natural cleaning solution (especially if you are using vinegar or something that doesn’t have much scent). It will leave your house smelling so fresh and clean!

Vanilla (the Aura Cacia brand comes mixed with jojoba oil) – I use this one as a perfume. I add a couple dabs to my wrists and behind my ears. Sometimes I rub a tiny amount on my palms and then through my hair to add a little shine and a wonderful sweet fragrance! I also use vanilla essential oils in place of an antiperspirant just by dabbing a few drops under my arms.

Those are some of my favorites, but find the scents that you like best! Then, find someone to give you a sweet, spicy, or invigorating massage! Enjoy!

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